A list of individuals in our database with the Surname of Sergent

IndividualBirthdateBirth LocationListed as decendant in book
Abram unknown. ENOCHS
Amy unknown. ENOCHS
Annie 1869.Roane Co., WV HAMMOCK, VINEYARD
Audrey unknown. .
Bill unknown. .
Bob unknown. .
Charles B. Dec-1860.Roane Co., WV .
Cynthia Anne Oct-1866. .
David 9-Oct-1798.Russell Co. VA .
David 17-Feb-1852.VA HAMMOCK, VINEYARD
Don unknown. .
Eliza 1840.Russell Co. VA .
Elizabeth 1790. ENOCHS
Emma J. Feb-1863.Roane Co., WV .
Ephraim 1832.VA .
Ephraim 1856.Jackson Co., WV HAMMOCK, VINEYARD
Ephraim unknown. .
Frances C. Oct-1866.Roane Co., WV .
Gay Madison Oct-1867.Roane Co., WV .
Gertrude after 1900. HAMMOCK, SUMMERS
Goldie after 1900. .
Hannah 1795. ENOCHS
Harold unknown. .
Harry O. unknown. .
Hattie Ann 11-Dec-1889.Johnson's Creek, Roane Co., WV. HAMMOCK, VINEYARD
Henry 1789.Wood Co., WV ENOCHS
Henry Carl after 1900.Walton, Roane Co., WV .
Henry David Sep-1836.Russell Co. VA .
Henry O. after 1900. HAMMOCK, SUMMERS
Jack Albert unknown. .
James Albert May-1858. .
James M. 1-Jul-1827.VA .
Jeremiah 1757. .
John unknown. ENOCHS
Larry unknown. HAMMOCK, SUMMERS
Leah 1834.VA .
Les unknown. .
Lloyd O. after 1900. .
Madison Brooks after 1900.Spencer, Roane Co., WV PHILLIPS
Mark Gerard after 1900.Morgantown, Monongalia Co., WV PHILLIPS
Mary after 1900.Spencer, Roane Co., WV HAMMOCK, VINEYARD
Mary Elizabeth 24-Aug-1859.Roane Co., VA .
Mary Elizabeth unknown. .
Mary F. 27-Dec-1855.Roane Co., VA .
Matilda unknown. ENOCHS
Melissa 1865.Roane Co., WV .
Melissa J. Dec-1854.Jackson Co., VA .
Melissa Jane 3-Aug-1883.Geary Dist. Roane Co., WV. HAMMOCK, VINEYARD
Melissa Joanna 1866.Roane Co., WV HAMMOCK, VINEYARD
Nancy 1797. ENOCHS
Oralene unknown. .
Oscar 1897. .
Rachel 1793. ENOCHS
Ralph Edwin after 1900.Roane Co., WV PHILLIPS
Rebecca unknown. ENOCHS
Robert Lawrence after 1900.Roane Co., WV PHILLIPS
Roxalea E. Sep-1868.Roane Co., WV .
Roy E. unknown. .
Ruby after 1900. .
Samantha unknown. ENOCHS
Sarah 1803. ENOCHS
Sarah 1853.Roane Co., VA HAMMOCK, VINEYARD
Sarah "Sally" 1827.Russell Co. VA .
Sarah E. Apr-1861.Roane Co., WV .
Ted unknown. .
Violet M. unknown. .
Walter F. 27-Feb-1880. .
William unknown. ENOCHS
William Darl after 1900. .
William Henderson 1829.VA .
William M. Feb-1877.Roane Co., WV .
William Oley 23-Jun-1873.Roane Co., WV HAMMOCK, VINEYARD

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