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It has been a long 40-year journey that began with just a goal to find our own families…our roots. We spent many weekends taking our small children on picnics through country cemeteries throughout West Virginia to gather information.

Over the years, the search has waxed and waned. For some years it was packed away “in retirement,” but was renewed, both figuratively and literally, with the arrival of more free time and a personal computer. It also grew in scope. Today, our database includes over 130,000 individuals intertwined into more than 33,000 families and includes nearly 1,000 surnames!

Along the way, we received so many requests to share information that we finally gave in and began creating books containing descendant information for specific families—many of which are in the West Virginia State Library in Charleston. We also love to correspond with others who are, similarly, interested in finding, documenting and sharing our pasts. Sharing is often the only way to locate some of the information and many times it helps to uncover conflicting data that needs to be resolved.

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Genealogy research and compliation by James Lemuel Lockhart and Flora Janet Taylor Lockhart:




Computer programming and book generation by Gerry James Lockhart:


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